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A+ Awards 2016 - Jury Winner - Typlogy Factory Warehouse

A+ Awards 2016 - Popular Winner - Typology Factory Warehouse

Architectural Design. Competition organised by the Cultural Foundation COAM for the Comunidad de Madrid pupils aged 14-17.

Special Award to Ana Agag Longo, Orvalle school.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Département d’Árchitecture Semestre d’été 2001

Project Workshop: Binswanger, Gugger, Jaccaud, Sahy

Project Ana Agag Longo and Aniina Kari

Catalogue Foster and Partners, 2005. Prestel Publishing Ltd

Catalogue Foster and Partners, 2008. Prestel Publishing Ltd

Foster 40 Projects, 2007. Prestel Publishing Ltd

RIBA Award (Europe), year 2011

Shortlisted for Stirling Prize, year 2011