Ana Agag

RIBA member since 2009

ARB member since 2006

COAM member since 2006


I graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior Arquitectura de Madrid in 2006. Two years before, I started working at Fosters+Partners.

During 8 years, Foster+Partners has been an extension of my education, building up my knowledge at the same time that my experience. I had the possibility of working in integrated design teams where everyone´s skills, enthusiasm and knowledge were mixed to create the most ideal solution for each project according to the client´s needs. The sacrifice, endurance and satisfaction were lived in a day to day basis.

In the meantime I have been achieving my own personal design projects to a smaller scale. Always believing in quality architecture that can solve the client´s needs while providing a practical functionality and beautiful aesthetics.

ANAGAG LTD launched in October 2012.

ANAGAG LTD becomes RIBA Chartered Practice in June 2013.